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Final Fantasy X’s Jecht Joins The Dissidia Final Fantasy Roster


Who’s your daddy? Jecht, the pro blitzball player and father to the whiny but loveable hero of Final Fantasy X, Tidus, joins the Dissidia Final Fantasy roster. Those familiar with the series might have already seen him in action in previous titles, but last week he was announced to join the latest Dissidia, now in arcades and will appear on the PS4 as Dissidia Final Fantasy NT.

And what better way to show him off then a trailer of him beating his own son at what it seems to be a stage based on Besaid Island with that one rocking soundtrack from FFX playing. No wonder Tidus has daddy issues.

No date when Jecht will be available for the arcades, but expect him to be available form the onset when Dissidia Final Fantasy NT arrives on the PS4 next year.