Final Fantasy VII Remake Sold More Than 5 Million Copies

Square Enix has announced that sales for Final Fantasy VII Remake has reached 5 million units. This includes physical and digital releases.

While no numbers were shared specifically for either digital or physical sales, Square Enix remarked that the remake of the 1997 PS1 classic is now “the highest-selling digital release on the PlayStation platform in Square Enix history”.

That may have explained why FFVIIR is now on sale for the first time. You have until August 19 to grab the game for 34% off on the PS Store.

The remake is only one small part of a still ongoing project, the first release here only covers the section in Midgar. There’s still more of Final Fantasy VII to remake, the second part is already well on its way in production. So those sales numbers will bound to get higher.

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