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FIA European Truck Racing Championship Out On July 18th

Big Mutha Truckers


Truck racing is no joke, it has an FIA-endorsed professional championship in Europe. And the FIA European Truck Racing Championship game is the first of its kind to bring it to video game form.

The game is running on Kylotonn’s KT Engine which powered games like the WRC series. This is closer to a sim racer than an arcade one. Dynamic weather, different physics and inertia for each truck, and, unique to this racing series, manual management of brakes and water cooling,

It features 45 different licensed trucks, teams, drivers and tracks from the current European Truck Racing Championship season. In addition, it features other real tracks like Laguna Seca, Circuit Of The Americas (COTA) and Fuji Speedway.

Here’s a new trailer featuring in-game footage:

FIA European Truck Racing Championship will be honking down the finish line as it releases on July 18th for the PS4, PC (Steam), Xbox One and Nintendo Switch.