Elite Dangerous: Horizons Expansion Free For All Owners From 27 October Onwards

Venture the deep void with more tools at one’s disposal with free Horizons expansion for all base game owners.

Frontier Developments, the developer and publisher for the excellent space-sim game Elite Dangerous (ED) announced in a blog post that Elite Dangerous: Horizons expansion is coming as a free update to all ED base game owners.

What this means is that if game owners have not purchased the expansion, they will get it as a free update and will be theirs indefinitely. This also extends if one purchased Elite Dangerous beyond 27 October so any base game owner will get to experience the expansion for free.

“What will one get in Horizons?” one may ask. From Frontier Developments:

Elite Dangerous: Horizons brings planetary landings to the Elite Dangerous galaxy, together with weapon crafting, ship-launched fighters and exhilarating multicrew co-op action. This premium expansion also allows players to put wheels on the ground and explore the galaxy up-close with the SRV Scarab ground vehicle, and access to many surface star ports and other locations.

Frontier Developments

For current owners of Horizons, they will set to receive exclusive “Azure” paint job usable on all ships as a commemorative thanks from the developers.

Anaconda ship with exclusive Azure paint job | Frontier Developments

This move very likely coincide with the upcoming release of Odyssey expansion featuring long wished and awaited surface walk or “space legs” as the community call it. It will certainly hype up Odyssey and Horizons for returning players and new players alike.

In the meantime, Horizons will still be on sale up until 26 October so if one desires to obtain the exclusive Azure paint job, act fast.

Personal opinion as longtime owner of Elite Dangerous: Horizons, this move is very much welcomed as it has been 4 years since its launch and having more players experience the high quality additions in Horizons is sure to add more enjoyment in exploring the deep void of space.

o7 Commanders

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