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Elite: Dangerous Getting New Tutorial, Fleet Carriers, And A Revamp To Its Premium Currency


Frontier Developments’ space sim Elite: Dangerous got some new content in the pipeline coming later this year. Revealed at Lavecon 2019, Frontier showed three things in particular.

The first, as part of a larger September Update, will bring a new “In Ship” Starter Experience. This is essentially a tutorial for new players first time hopping on a ship. The tutorial will have voiceovers, and will be covering the following essentials:

  • Basic flight controls and scanning
  • Supercruise and navigation
  • A combat exercise around a megaship
  • Culminating with the final lesson: completing one’s first Hyperspace Jump and docking at a starport

In the December Update, the massive Fleet Carriers will be added. Here’s a short teaser:

The last new addition is a new premium currency- Arx. Before this, PC players buy cosmetics like paint jobs for their ships straight-up using real money while console players used Frontier Points. Frontier Points will now be converted to Arx, and Arx will be available for all platforms.

While you can buy Arx with real money, Arx will only be used for cosmetic upgrades. The change here is so that the game will have feature parity on all platforms. Plus, Frontier is making the whole process of buying new paint jobs better by allowing items previously in bundles purchasable ala carte, and a preview option.

Arx can also be accrued through normal gameplay, which is also a new addition. More details on how Arx works can be found here.

Fans of Elite: Dangerous will have new content to look forward to in the near future. There will be more announcements, in particular for the September Update, soon.