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A chill RPG is all the rage right now in the year where players are opting for a more relaxing experience than your usual AAA endeavors. Eiyuden might be getting a fully-fledged RPG later down the line but its prequel game that includes a sort of town-building mechanic might be more up people’s alley right now and that’s okay really.

Its preview earlier in May seems promising, so how does their full release fare?


As mentioned in our preview, its cast of characters is quite eccentric and unique for a game of this scale. From the always enthusiastic CJ, your protagonist to your Kangaroo-Sword welding companion, it’s a refreshing first impression to see the number of different people you’ll be meeting along the way in your quest for treasure.

The graphics are quite distinct, as previously stated, its graphics style of a 3D plane with 2D sprite is quite particular considering it blends rather well with the background. But the music still doesn’t feel distinct enough to write home about.

And while it isn’t much right now but it is nice to see the world-building for its future main title being built as we play this game, the lore and customs that we might see in a year can be traced from this game, kinda like how FF Origins set the stage for their mainline titles. 


I’ll be brief on this one. It’s more of an action side-scroller affair with a twist, where if you have two members within a party, you can do the attacks within one another together for a great finisher. Its action brawler-style gameplay is still fun on the retail release.

And it’s a hybrid town-building mechanic where doing quests will see the town gradually build up from having an inn to rest up or the blacksmith coming back to upgrade your armor and weapons is a neat way to see your progression within the game.

What isn’t fun is the controls for PC being rather stiff still, and due to the combat nature of fighting enemies that are on the roof of a cave or flying enemies, the range on the keyboard isn’t as accurate as of the ones on the controller, which is a shame since everything else makes sense for the KB method.

Really, its pretty good gameplay loop makes it reasonably fun for some quick R&R sessions to relax your mind.


Considering its addition within the Xbox Game Pass for both console and PC, it is a good investment of your time if you want something that’s both vibrant and mysterious. It’s a pretty good solid 15-hour romp with tons of side quests to do and level up your mains but there is some pretty large backtracking during the first few hours that you might feel is a bit draggy at times.

Personal Enjoyment

Past me has stated that it “feels rather bite-sized and that is exactly the vibes that I’ve been getting with this game” and I agree with that statement today as well. A side-scroller where you multitask treasure hunting with town building is a rather niche aspect that only this sort of game would let you do and I’m glad it is on the Game Pass service for people to discover this title that might be a future underrated gem.

Final Thoughts

Eiyuden Chronicle Rising is a glimpse into how flexible this new series is, with it doing smaller games to fill in the blanks for what is said to be a grandiose RPG. And that is fine by me really.

Its town-building while collecting stamps for adventure and monster-slaying is quite a juggle of tasks due to its backtracking nature but it does make sure the players are investing to see this town thrive by the end. But all in all, it’s a short and sweet game that many should pick up. 

Played On PC. Review copy provided by the publisher and also available on Xbox Game Pass.


Eiyuden Chronicles Rising

A nice glimpse into how flexible this new series is, with it doing smaller games to fill in the blanks for what is said to be a grandiose RPG.

  • Presentation 8
  • Gameplay 7.5
  • Content 8
  • Personal Enjoyment 8

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