Dreams Getting VR Support In New Update Coming This July

Dreams, (Dreams Universe as it’s called in Asia) Media Molecule’s powerful game-making game, is getting full VR support.

Dreams supports the PS Move controller which is handy for sculptors making 3D models, and a feature heavily showcased in its early showings. Now you can strap in a PS VR headset and go all the way into Dreams.

There will be new tutorials to help players learn how to create things in VR, including a Best Practices How To.

Not only that, there will also be new gadgets to help you make your VR experiences, including accessibility settings like comfort mode, vignette strength, static sky, and more.

Media Molecule will also include their own VR creations, like the Box Blaster, for you to try out and get some ideas on what VR creation you can make with Dreams.

The update will be coming on July 22.

Via PlayStation Blog


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