Dragon Ball FighterZ On Switch Will Have A Public Beta Test, New Modes, In August


Dragon Ball FighterZ is certainly the hottest new fighting game this year, with the game being popular in general as well as in the competitive scene- it has the highest player count for main tournament at Evo this year edging out Street Fighter V.

Announced at E3 last few months, the 3V3 fighting game is also coming to the Nintendo Switch.

A public beta test is coming this August, a tweet from Bandai Namco US confirmed. No specific dates were mentioned.

Additionally, there are also new multiplayer modes not seen in the other three platforms yet. 2V2 and 1V1 matches will be available should you wish not to play the default 3V3. There is also a 6-player Party Match mode, available offline. Essentially every player control one particular character in the 3V3 bout where characters can tag in or out.

Dragon Ball FighterZ will be out on September 28th for the Nintendo Switch and is now available on the PS4, PC and Xbox One.

Via Game Informer


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