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Dido Returns In Civilization VI: Gathering Storm, Can Move City Capitals To Gobble Up Other Cities


The last of the eight new civilization coming to the Civilization VI expansion Gathering Storm. It’s Dido! First appeared in Civilization V: Gods And Kings, Dido now leads the Phoenicia rather than the Carthage, a slight name change.

The Phoenicians have the Mediterranean Colonies unique ability. As the name implies, this civ favours coastal cities. Coastal cities founded by this civ and are on the same continent as the capital will always be 100% loyal. Settlers can move and see further when embarked on ocean tiles with no movement cost to embark/disembark. The Phonecians also starts with a boost to research Writing, an important early tech.

The Phonecians can also build Cothons, a unique district replacing harbours that are cheaper to build. Not only that, naval units and settlers are also produced quicker and naval units can heal completely in just one turn in a city border with a Cothon built. The Phonecians also have the Bireme, a unique naval unit replacing the Galley. The early naval unit is not only stronger and faster, but it can also protect Traders from being plundered within a four tile radius.

As for Dido, she has the Founder Of Carthage unique ability. With this, she can move the capital city to any other city with a Cothon built by completing a unique project. Capital cities exert loyalty pressure and if a city loses loyalty, it will rebel as a free state or flip itself to be a city of another civ. Thus, strategic use of moving capitals can turn you into city flipping monster, gobbling up coastal cities. Or.. prepare for the inevitable global warming and the rising tide in the modern era.

The unique ability also allows the Phoenicians to unlock an extra trade route after building a government plaza district and its buildings, with bonus production to cities with the district.

Now that all of the new civs have been revealed, there is now one more leader yet to be shown. Leaks suggest that the new leader can lead two different civilizations, instead of the usual alternate leader for the same civ as seen in the Greeks and India.

Civilization VI: Gathering Storm will add new civs, new leaders and a wealth of game mechanics like World Congress and environmental changes. It will be out on February 14th for PC (Steam).