Destruction AllStars Out Now On PS5, Only Available Via PS Plus

Remember the good old days of Destruction Derby on the PS1? Car games have gotten niche, especially arcade racing games where racing for first isn’t the goal.

So it’s great to see Destruction AllStars, developed by Lucid Games made up of Studio Liverpool and Psychnosis vets, arrived for the PS5.

In Destruction AllStars, the name of the game is wreck other cars and drivers. Ram, sideswipe, smash and look at all those juicy new particle effects and damage model being flexed on the next-gen system.

To make it more appealing in the age of Fortnite, AllStars have a roster of 16 characters to choose, each with a special ability and car. You can also traverse on foot, pulling of parkour, get into other cars, both empty ones and ones with drivers on them to sabotage.

It’s Destruction Derby by way of Titanfall. Or, as our upcoming first impressions call it: Fortnite Carmageddon.

Destruction AllStars is only available to download for active PS Plus subscribers this month, and cannot be purchased on its own. So it’s not true free-to-play. Proper free-to-play games like Fortnite don’t require PS Plus to even play online.

The game runs as a live service, so expect more updates and content drops in the months to come. Oddly, they are charging not only for cosmetics, but to unlock new single-player content. The Challenge Series is a bit like an elaborated Arcade Mode seen in fighting games, with a special modes and cinematics. But only the first one’s free. The rest is unlocked via premium currency. Welp.

If you have a PS5, you can download Destruction AllStars right now here. If you don’t, you can still claim the game if you have a PS Plus subscription, and play it when you can get hold of one later.

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