Destiny 2’s Eververse Store Will Be Improved (A Bit) For Season Of Dawn

Destiny 2 will get some improvements to its microtransaction cosmetics store, Eververse, for the upcoming Season Of Dawn. The store has been heavily criticised, even after it has offer non-loot-box cosmetics you can directly buy.

For one, developers Bungie are making more cosmetics available for purchase via the earnable Bright Dust currency. The current season offers 50% of cosmetics that can be bought by Bright Dust, but by next season, Season Of Dawn, that number will be 80%.

In addition, Bungie will make it clearer on which items will be available to purchase only via Silver (the premium currency) on social media each week when Eververse inventory resets. “We’ve also heard you say that you want to know what will be offered for Silver only so you can plan what you are interested in buying,” the post reads.

As for Bright Dust, Dawning weekly and repeatable bounties will also drop Bright Dust the same rate as strikes, Crucible and Gambit matches have- 200 for a weekly, 10 for a repeatable. Crimson Days, this season’s event, will also drop Bright Dust of the same amount for its weekly bounties.

Lastly, you will not be able to purchase items from the Eververse already added to your collection. This should stop players buying multiple shaders using the hard-to-earn Bright Dust instead of buying one to unlock and then use other more common resources to grab more from the collection.

It’s not a big shakeup for the Eververse, but at least it’s something. Our impressions of Destiny 2 New Light had us displeased with the pricing of the cosmetics purchasable with Silver- RM22 for an emote is way too expensive. But for players that interact with Eververse using only Bright Dust, this is a nudge in the right direction.

Destiny 2’s Season Of Dawn begins next week on December 11th. This is your last chance to play Vex Offensive and earn Season Of The Undying-specific rewards.


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