Destiny 2’s Season Of Dawn Starts Next Week, Includes New Activity And Cosmetics

Destiny 2 is wrapping up Season Of The Undying and will commence season 9, Season Of Dawn, next week. This is the second season of four for the year, which sees the looter-shooter adopting a battle-pass format.

Season Of Dawn will advance the story by just a bit. After taking down the Undying Mind many, many times (which is still live for season pass owners), Osiris warns of the threat by the Cabal looking to change the timeline where they won the Red War. Now you need to fix the timeline. During this, you’ll meet Saint-14. Replacing the Vex Offensive activity is The Sundial, a 6-player defence with matchmaking.

As expected, Season Of Dawn comes with a new seasonal artifact, Lantern Of Osiris, for all players to grind power levels and unlock new artifact mods. Everyone can earn the new Righteous armour set and the new exotic scout rifle: Symmetry. Season Pass (which is actually more of a battle pass) owners get all of this, plus The Sundial, an exotic sidearm of sorts, and other cosmetics.

For fans of the newly-introduced finishers, there are new ones next season, including a fighting game-style Dragon Punch and a headbutt.

The general consensus within the Destiny community is that the new seasons are a bit underwhelming. Compared to last year’s seasons, which activities are good and still available for everyone (including Destiny 2 New Light players), Season Of The Undying’s out-going Vex Offensive was not well-received. Looking at all the details for Season Of Dawn here, it will fit exactly in the same mould, so don’t put high expectations for this one.

At least Bungie is nerfing several gear (the Recluse SMG and One-Eyed Mask exotic helmet) and reworking one of the Solar subclass for each class, which is welcomed showed a bit in the reveal trailer.

If you haven’t grabbed Destiny 2’s latest expansion Shadowkeep, buying it starting December 10th when Season Of Dawn is live will net you a season pass for it. You can buy the Season Pass separately for 1000 Silver (around RM46) and it does transfer across all platforms should you use cross-save.

Season Of Dawn will go live on December 10th and will last until March 9th.

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