Destiny 2 Lets You Pay RM87 To Raise Your Light Level To 900 And It’s Absolutely Not Worth It

Destiny 2_20191016221916

What is it with extra payment that’s not worth the price? Time-savers are a thing, and it’s totally understandable for some people pay money for convenience and avoid unwanted grinding or time sink. But what is it with the pricing.

Destiny 2, now free-to-play, has also offered a similar time-saver option. You can immediately raise your chosen Guardian to light level 900 for a fee – 2000 Silver.

That, unfortunately, translates to a whopping RM87. Both on PS Store Asia and Steam.

Here’s why it absolutely makes no sense. First of all, each character after the New Light and Shadowkeep expansion is now bumped to light level 750. There are only 150 light levels to reach 900, the current soft cap, and so gear with better light levels than you have equipped are dropped very regularly during this period.

And there’s no need to quickly raise to light level 900 either. Most of the content, from PVP modes like Crucible and Gambit to various PVE modes like Strikes and campaign missions, can be played from the get-go. Only higher-level Strikes and raids are unviable if you haven’t reached the 900s.

And the last weird thing is that it’s only available after you already have another Guardian reached light level 900. You can argue that this is for folks who want to quickly get their alts to level 900, but there are easy methods to quickly do so already, involving equipping level 900+ guns from your vault, buying leveling gear from the collection over and over and cash in various tokens.

It’s absolutely not worth RM87. Save that Silver to buy two of the battle passes (called Season Pass), or save up for the Forsaken and Shadowkeep expansion instead.

Despite this unnecessary monetisation, Destiny 2 is actually okay now. And if you never played it before and don’t mind just following checklists, it does a decent job in introducing the many activities and mechanics in this MMO-esque looter-shooter.

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