Death Rally (Classic) Goes Free Forever On Steam To Celebrate Remedy’s 25th Anniversary

Remedy Entertainment celebrates their 25th anniversary this year. And for the occasion, the Finnish developer is making their first video game, Death Rally, completely free.

Yes, the makers of highly regarded games including Max Payne, Alan Wake, Quantum Break and Control started out with making a racing game. Death Rally is a top-down racer where the first to the finish line wins, but every car can have upgradeable guns and armour. Sort of like Micro Machines, but grittier.

This is Death Rally (Classic), by the way, not the 2012 remake, which is currently 75% off for RM5.75. This is the original version which is on Steam. There’s no end date for the freebie- Death Rally (Classic) stays permanently free.

You can grab Death Rally (Classic) on Steam here.


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