Dead Rising 4 Will Arrive On Steam

Dead Rising 4, the latest title from the series will get a Steam release on March 14- March 15 here in Malaysia. If you’re itching to whack mobs of zombies with ridiculous weapons but don’t have an Xbox One (and don’t want to buy the Windows Store version for Windows 10), this is your chance.

Dead Rising 4 takes the game back to the town of Willamette, where photojournalist Frank West broke out the scoop of his life on the story of the zombie infested mall back in the first Dead Rising. Now the whole town is having another zombie outbreak.

Expect more silly stuff and less tedious design choices from the earlier games this time around. Though arguably those design choices, like timers and manual saves, have its charm and making it stand out from the many open-world games out there.

But you can take selfies with the zombie hordes this time. So that’s a plus?

Anyway, don’t expect Dead Rising 4 to get any huge discounts with the Steam debut like Quantum Break did. The Steam Store priced the pre-order at RM203.20, and RM254 normally. The Windows Store is offering the same price, for comparison.


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