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Dead Or Alive 6: Core Fighters Is Free, Limited Version Of Dead Or Alive 6 And It’s Out Now

*insert core values joke here*


Looks like Dead Or Alive 6 also has a free version just like Dead Or Alive 5 before it. Dead Or Alive 6: Core Fighters is a free version of Team Ninja’s latest fighting game, albeit a limited one.

Dead Or Alive 6: Core Fighters will only have a limited set of characters, which you can buy piecemeal. Kasumi, Hitomi, Diego and Bass are available for free. Each character costs RM12 but there is also a bundle for all female/male fighters at RM120/RM97 respectively. The full roster (so far) costs RM222.

All modes barring Story Mode is available for use. It should be enough to get your hands-on time with how the 3D fighter plays like.

You can download Dead Or Alive 6: Core Fighters on PS Store Asia for PS4 here or on the Steam page here for PC.