Dave The Diver Sales Pass 1 Million In 10 Days Of Full Release

It’s only been ten days since Mintrocket’s debut game Dave The Diver left Early Access and went into full release, And they have since sold 1 million copies of this harpoon-fishing, underwater-exploring, gun-shooting, sushi-serving game that does just about anything and everything.

“We are immensely grateful to each and every one of you,” the announcement post on Steam reads. “While acknowledging areas for improvement, we have diligently addressed them with invaluable feedback from our engaged community. This indispensable input is undeniably what led to positive reviews internationally.”

Dave The Diver was released last year into Early Access, and we found that the many darts the devs threw at the wall, most if not all of them stuck.

Dave The Diver is out now on PC (Steam).

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