Dave The Diver Leaves Steam Early Access

Dave The Diver, the debut game from indie team Mintrocket, left Early Access on June 28.

The version 1.0 release includes new areas, new species of fish and mini-games to play, and more importantly, the whole story available to be completed: Chapter 4-7. Progress from the Early Access release transfers over to the full release.

Dave The Diver stars the titular Dave, a diver with a big heart who found himself to be part of a new joint-venture with old pal Cobra of a new floating sushi restaurant. The catch is, Dave has to go catch the fish himself, and then help out the head chef Bancho when the restaurant opens for business every night.

It’s sort-of a roguelike, sort-of a Metroidvania, sort-of an RPG, sort-of restaurant management with mini-games galore. Essentially, it evokes games of the past where it can be so many disparate things combined into a solid overall experience. We said it as such when in our Early Access impressions.

Dave The Diver is out now on PC (Steam).

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