Company Of Heroes 3 Announced, With A Pre-Alpha Demo Available

Relic Entertainment’s long-dormant World War II RTS series Company Of Heroes is getting a sequel. Company Of Heroes 3 takes the battlefield to the Mediterranian now with what’s being called a Dynamic Campaign map.

Instead of a linear campaign, Company Of Heroes 3 looks to embrace more sandbox aspects and letting you navigate the theatre of war your way.

Also, there is an optional Full Tactical Pause feature, should you prefer to not play the game like a pure RTS but like more relaxed (but still complex) strategy games.

Company Of Heroes 3 can be played right now, as a pre-alpha preview. You will need to sign up for a Relic Account to access the CoH-Development site, and link your Steam account to give it a try and give feedback.

It’s interesting to see Company Of Heroes 3, being a Sega published game, is taking some cues from fellow Sega strategy games. The focus on sandbox is reminiscent of the many Total War games, and having an early, playable build for fans seems to take page from what Amplitude is doing with their brand of 4X games. The CoH development site is powered by Games2gether, the same platform Amplitude is using for their forums.

There’s no release date for Company Of Heroes 3 yet, but it’s coming to PC (Steam).

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