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Codemasters’ Arcade Racer Onrush Has Influences From Burnout And SSX


Onrush, the new arcade racer from Codemasters, certainly looks wild when it was revealed at Paris Games Week. The new Codemasters studio made up of former Evolution Studios developers certainly wants to make a fun, offroad racing game again. The latest interview by Eurogamer has shed light of Onrush’s influences, and what new things the game will bring to the table.

Paul Rustchynsky, the game director for Evolution Studios’ last game Driveclub, mentioned how they loved SSX and Burnout.

“Myself and Jamie [Brayshaw], the assistant director, we sat in the pub prior to joining Codemasters, and chatting about what sort of racing game we want to make.

“We both said to ourselves, what are our favourites? What would we like to see come back? We both loved SSX, we both loved Burnout and Motorstorm, so we thought about how we could take the best elements of those to make a racing game.”

SSX, EA’s now dormant snowboarding series emphasises on doing tricks to get boost. In Onrush, placing doesn’t matter, it’s all about how much points you can score. But it wouldn’t be fun if other vehicles are not around to mess you up, which brings us to Burnout.

“There’s no concept of position or startline or finishing position as such,” Rustchynsky said. “It’s all about scoring points. So, if you wreck it doesn’t matter – it’s an opportunity to be put back in the pack, in the thick of it, to fight to score more points. If you fall behind, we put you back in the pack. If you race ahead, we put you back in the action. It’s essentially all 24 vehicles on one track, racing around our version of off-road heaven.”

Onrush is taking influences from the right games, but we will have to see if the all-points approach to racing delivers. The game will be out on PS4, Xbox One and PC in Summer 2018.

Source: Eurogamer