Arcade Racer Onrush Announced

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Arcade Racer Onrush Announced

It’s been a while since we see a full-on arcade racing game in the mainstream. And so Codemasters are bringing a new one. Onrush is a racing game that cares nothing about real physics as you jump, trick, smash and race across crazy off-road courses.

There’s vehicle damage, there’s bikes and a trick system, there’s a rocking tune in the background. This is a good old arcade racer, something we haven’t seen in the AAA space for quite a while.

Onrush is developed by Codemasters’ new Cheshire studio, made up of former Evolution Studios members. This is the new IP that they have been working on ever since being taken into Codies’ wings. Before Driveclub, Evolution used to work on the Motorstorm series and the official World Rally Championship Rally games, so they are well-experienced with off-road racing.

Take a look at the trailer here:

Onrush should be out around summer next year.

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