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Evolution Studios Lives On As A Multi-Platform Studio Under Codemasters


Remember the sad news that developers of Driveclub, Evolution Studios, have to close up shop? This is not true any more it seems, as fellow UK developer/publisher Codemasters have swooped in to the rescue. In a blog post on the site, Codemasters announced that Evolution Studios will join in their portfolio of studios on April 25.

Also known as Codies, these folks have been making a name and reputation with racing games throughout the years, including the Dirt Series, the Grid series, and the annual F1 games. With the recent success of Dirt Rally, picking up another studio which have been making racing games would be a perfect fit for expansion. This arrangement has now made Evolution as a third-party developer, allowing them to make games on any platform they choose to.

(Also: Did you know that Codies has an office in Malaysia? Well now you know.)

Here’s hoping to more racing games in the future. Best of luck to Evolution Studios with their new, hopefully brighter future.