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CoD Modern Warfare Remastered Headlines PS Plus In March


It’s the end of February and it’s time to unveil the next round of games for us PS Plus subscribers. This time, there is a bit of differences between us and the other PS Plus owners around the world.

Call of Duty Modern Warfare Remastered is heading to our pickup list. Created by Infinity Ward, this is a remaster of the  game that kickstarted the Modern Shooter genre with it’s memorable campaign and unforgettable Multiplayer. For veterans of the series, why not take a trip back to the one that started it all while those wanting to jump into the series, what better way to jump in then by playing this classic.

Sadly, us in the Asia region won’t be getting The Witness, the mystifying first person puzzler by Indie Dev Jonathan Blow. Instead we get Curve Digital’s Action Henk, a platformer about small action figures running around big toybox levels.

This will also be the first month where PS3 and PS Vita Games won’t on the PS plus list. Be sure to pick them up before March!

Both of these games will available to download from 7th March until 6th April.

Source: Playstation Asia