Co-Op Bake-‘Em-Up Bake ‘N Switch Launches Kickstarter Campaign To Add Online Multiplayer

Bake ‘N Switch is the upcoming co-op Overcooked-like game from Malaysia’s Streamline Games. Today it launched a Kickstarter campaign so they can add online multiplayer.

Initially, Bake ‘N Switch had no plans for online multiplayer, but that changed thanks to the current situation the world is in right now. And the developer needed to get more player feedback since their original plan of gathering it through attending game conventions have been cut short.

We had a go at it at Level Up KL 2019, and it has some neat ideas. Aside from the co-operative nature of sending sentient buns to the oven, there’s also a PvP mode as well.

You can check out the Kickstarter campaign here. Pledging at least $18 USD will net you 2 keys for the online multiplayer beta for PC (Steam), set to be avaialble in June, plus a digital copy of the game.

Bake ‘N Switch is set to launch sometime this summer (August the latest) for PC (Steam) and Nintendo Switch.


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