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Bake ‘N Switch Is Couch Multiplayer Chaos Wrapped In Cuteness

Let's get that bread


The Malaysian-based developers Streamline Games, the folks behind Nightstream, has a new game in the works. At first glance, Bake ‘N Switch looks like a game way too inspired by Overcooked. It is a couch-multiplayer title for up to 4 players and chaos can happen but in a neat, different way.

In Bake N’ Switch, you are picking up sentient buns and throw them to the oven to bake. Buns of the same type can be combined to bigger and score more points once baked. In the demo we played at the Level Up KL show floor, there are two types of sentient buns, and the oven will switch to another type after one bun is baked. Hence, the title.

But it gets complicated really fast. There are evil spores that can infect the buns, either destroying them or infected them, losing all potential points in the process. Toss the wrong bun in the oven and the oven gets mad, wasting a few seconds before it recovers. Level layouts and how slow your character moves also forces you to co-operate and cover various parts of the screen. You need to keep track of what oven to toss, make sure enemies won’t bother you, and hoping your buddies can catch your bun throws and pass it along.

Oh, and if you are tired of whatever antics your friends are doing, there’s a PVP mode. Every person for themselves. Go get that bread.

It looks lovely by the way. The four characters are all named after herbs (Rosemary, Thyme, Parsley and one more we forgot). The sentient buns are all cute, wiggling away their own business until you start throwing them to the oven.

If you are a fan of Overcooked’s charming looks and hair-pulling frustrations when played with friends, Bake N’ Switch is something you should take a look at. It is set to launch on Steam Early Access this January.