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Civilization VI’s September Update Out Now, Brings Balance Changes And A Cheeky Battle Royale Mode

Giving Gandhi nukes was a mistake


Civilization VI has received a new free update. First detailed a few weeks ago, most of the points here are balance changes to make coastal cities more viable and stronger, with new buffs to Great Admirals. It also adds a bunch of new maps, including symmetric maps for multiplayer mode.

Revealed today, however, is a new multiplayer scenario- Red Death. And it’s essentially Civ battle royale, but without all the historical themes. Unlike any of the official scenarios in Civ VI, Red Death takes place in a post-apocalyptic future where the goal is to lead a fictional faction to a spaceship and escape the earth.

Presumably scorched thanks to Gandhi.

Some of the factions include Doomsday Preppers, Mutants, Pirates, and the “Borderlords” that gains combat bonuses for fighting at the edge of the Safe Zone border. You gain units by raiding abandoned cities and yes, the Red Death acts as the giant wall of death in this version of battle royale.

The trailer is a bit tongue-in-cheek as well. This is a silly mode so thematically they went silly with this one as well.

Red Death, and all the goodies in the September Update is out now on PC.

Source: Civilization