Civilization VI’s Battle Royale Mode Started Out As An Internal April Fools’ Joke

A 4X game with a battle royale twist does make sense in some way, but that does not make Civilization VI’s battle royale multiplayer scenario, Red Death, any less weird. Especially the tone. The current iteration of Civ has a more serious tone so to see an official scenario that’s totally set in a fictional timeline and with a cheeky theme really threw off a lot of people.

In the recent dev stream showing off Red Death, developers Firaxis reveals that the battle royale mode started off as a joke.

Brad Olson, the multiplayer engineer for Civ VI, snuck in a battle royale mode in the daily builds. It was an April Fools’ joke for within the Firaxis walls, but after they playtested the mode and loved it.

Before it got the cheeky post-apocalypse flavour, the mode would use ancient era units (warriors and archers) with the normal map style.

If you don’t have Civ VI and just want to see how a turn-based strategy game does battle royale, check out the dev stream archive up there. Red Death is out now as part of Civ VI’s September 2019 update for PC.

Via PCGamesN


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