Civilization VI: Leader Pass – Rulers of China Pack Adds Three New (ish) Leaders

Another month, another DLC pack released for the Civilization VI Leader Pass. This new season pass is dedicated to adding new leaders for existing civilizations in Civilization VI, bringing in new ability synergies with.

January 2023 is the release of the Rulers Of China pack DLC, consisting of three new rulers for China.

Well, new-ish. As one is new variant of Qin Shi Huang who is China’s default ruler in the base game of Civ VI, and one is the return of Wu Zetian, who is China’s ruler in Civ V. Yongle is totally new to the franchise.

Yongle’s ability is called Lijia. This allows cities in China to create projects that convert 50% of Production into Food or Faith, or 100% conversion of Production into Gold. If you have either the Rise And Fall or the Gathering Storm expansion, Lijia has the additional ability of adding +2 Gold, +1 Science and +1 Culture for each population in a city, for cities with more than 10 pops.

Yongle is perfect for playing tall (less cities under control), allowing you to boost any specific yield when required, though you are still locked into having to focus on getting good Production to really max out his advantages.

Wu Zetian has a more subtle approach, as her ability, Manual Of Entrapment will make you engage in the game’s espionage mechanic. This ability gives offensive Spies to operate 1 level higher. And if the mission is successful, you gain 25% Culture and Science from what the targeted city earned that turn. Plus you get another free spy after discovering Defensive Tactics.

Espionage is a rather slept on mechanic, so this version of Wu Zetian is definitely interesting. You can piggyback on civs that you know are more advanced in the tech or culture tree, and use it to leapfrog other civs that are relative to your current standing. Or steal great works from other civs to mount on a cultural victory.

Finally, there’s Qin Shi Huang the Unifier. This variant of the leader has the ability to do one thing, convert Barbarians into your units, at the cost of one of your melee units. This isn’t a 1-for-1 trade, as you can convert all units surrounding the one you are sacrificing.

This simple ability lets you deal with barbarians in a new way. Purposely let them grow in numbers that tactically convert them and get a bunch of free units without spending Production, which can be used to further build up cities. This leader makes China a formidable choice to go on a Domination victory with.

All the leaders are accessible with just the base game of Civilization VI.

The Rulers Of China DLC pack, part of the Leader Pass for Civilization VI, is now available on PC (Steam, Epic Games Store), Mac, and iOS. The Leader Pass is included in the Civilization VI Anthology Edition.

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