Civilization VI June 2020 Game Update Adds New Content To Battle Royale Mode, Fixes Many Exploits

Civilization VI continues its one more turn (year) of updates with the New Frontier Season Pass. While there’s no new content for the paid DLC, there is a major June game update, as expected from each year.

The Civ VI June 2020 Game Update will be fixing a ton of exploits found in the game. So no more picking two pantheon beliefs, or have a copy of the same district in the same city.

Also, for those playing the religion game, another balance pass will be coming (more buffs and nerfs), but also new beliefs will be added too.

Achieving diplomatic victory also gets some changes. If you’re polluting the world heavily with factories, or taking down other civs that will decline you a diplomatic victory, those actions will not make you get diplomatic victory faster. Despite how pragmatically cool those exploits sounded.

Meanwhile, PC players will see Season 2 of Red Death, the battle royale game mode. Red Death Season 2 brings in 2 more factions, the zombies and the aliens (no, not XCOM aliens, unfortunately).

Also, Sean Bean, who is the narrator of the many quotes in Civ VI, will have new lines specific for Red Death.

Full patch notes will be available when the June 2020 Game Update arrives on June 25 on all platforms. There will be a community livestream done on the Sid Meier’s Civilization YouTube channel on that day, 2AM Malaysian Time (+8 GMT).

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