Civilization VI Adds Two New Civs For Playing Tall And Wide In First New Frontier Pass DLC

Civilization VI has dropped the first DLC pack in the first new season pass- New Frontier Pass. It adds two new civs- the Maya and Gran Colombia.

The Maya gets a new leader this time around, Lady Six Sky. The Maya has scientific boosts and has bonuses for cities build close to the capital- and debuffs if you don’t. Perfect for players who prefer playing tall- less territory, but dense and defensive.

Gran Colombia and its leader Simón Bolivar makes their Civ debut, and it’s the opposite playstyle of The Maya. Gran Colombia has bonuses that favours a wide empire- their unique units excel in taking land quickly. And their unique buildings can give big adjacency bonus on tiles- which means a reliance of having massive territory. Gran Colombia encourages playing wide, with a fast military.

You can grab the two civs as part of the New Frontier Pass, or as a standalone DLC pack called the Maya & Gran Colombia Pack. The pack also includes a new apoclaypse game mode (which requires the Gathering Storm expansion to play). This mode expands the natural disasters by making them hit harder, and adds comets and solar flares.

The DLC Pack and New Frontier Pass is out now on PS4, PC (Steam, Epic Games Store), Xbox One and PC.

Oh, the base game is free on Epic Games Store too this week. Grab it here while it lasts.


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