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Capcom Reveals New Stages And Mastermind For Resident Evil Resistance


Resident Evil Resistance, the all-new multiplayer mode included in the remake of Resident Evil 3, gets some new stages and masterminds revealed by Capcom.

Two new stages are revealed. Casino is one of the brighter maps for the 4V1 multiplayer mode. As the name implies, expect to see poker tables, slot machines, and a bar on the side.

The other stage being revealed is Abandoned Park. Described as “a horror-themed attraction located on the outskirts of
Raccoon City”, the stage feature fake animatronic monsters that may or may not blend with the real zombies and monsters players have to face.

Also revealed are two new mastermind characters. These are the one player in the director seat to make sure the other four players do not survive by observing through security cameras, setting up traps and call in the monsters. Previously revealed masterminds are Daniel Fabron- Albert Wesker’s fixer who can summon in the Tyrant (Mr. X)- and Annette Birkin- Umbrella scientist and wife of William Birkin who can call in her mutated husband to wreck havoc.

The new mastermind characters are also Umbrella employees. Alex Wesker, from Resident Evil Revelations 2 is a playable mastermind, and she can control the Ivy-like creature “Yateveo”. The other is Ozwell E. Spencer, one of the founders of Umbrella. No specific creature is mentioned that he can take control of, but he uses “inscrutable Umbrella technology to turn the battle in his favour”.

There will be more stages and masterminds reveal coming soon.

Resident Evil Resistance is part of Resident Evil 3, which is still set for release on April 3rd for the PS4, PC (Steam) and Xbox One.

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