Buy A GeForce RTX GPU (Or A Desktop And Laptop With One) And Get Wolfenstein: Youngblood And Control Free

In order to see the full power of the Nvidia Geforce RTX cards, you’ll need games that have RTX support. And if you are going to buy one right now, Nvidia is handing not one, but two games with RTX support for free.

The games are Control, Remedy’s next action shooter with supernatural powers and eerie environments, and Wolfenstein: Youngblood, the spin-off for the seminal series taking place in the ’80s with co-op play.

Both games feature real-time ray tracing, the big feature which the RTX cards are capable of running.

The Super Fast, Supernatural bundle was first offered for the RTX Super series GPUs, but Nvidia has extended the offer to all RTX cards now. This also includes gaming laptops and desktops.

You’ll need to check whether or not the retailer participates with the bundle. If they are, you should get a code to be redeemed from the GeForce Experience app. Instructions on how to do so can be found here.

For Asia, the offer starts July 9th until August 19th, or while supplies last.


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