Build A Base Or Infiltrate Them With Friends In Asym Altered Axis

Here’s an interesting new game, from an interesting publisher. Japan-based Mixi Inc., which publishes the mobile game Monster Strike, is making its entrance in releasing PC games with Asym Altered Axis.

Asym Altered Axis is part base builder, part co-op heist game. One player builds the world and set traps and guards. So that another player, or a team of up to five players, can try their luck and raid them.

The raiders play in the third-person, while the builder is floating up above in the first person, with the ability to add traps on the fly.

It’s an interesting idea, which Mixi is calling it a “cross-genre asymmetric heist game”. The idea, on paper at least, is not too dissimilar to Behavior Interactive’s next game, Meet Your Maker. But both games are tackling the same concept differently.

Asym Altered Axis is currently hosting a demo as part of Steam Base Builder Fest, which runs until January 30, 10 AM PST (January 31, 2 AM Malaysia Time, +8 GMT). You can download the demo here.

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