Bowser’s Fury Gameplay Reveals It’s A Proper 3D Mario Platformer, With A Kaiju Battle

Super Mario 3D World + Bowser’s Fury sounds like a normal Switch port for the Wii U title plus a new DLC. But Nintendo has revealed what Bowser’s Fury really is.

It’s not what anyone expected, to say the least.

Bowser’s Fury will play more like your traditional 3D Mario platformer (like Super Mario’s Odyssey) rather than a new level for Super Mario 3D World (which features a top-down camera). Mario is on the islands of Lake Lapcat, and together with Bowser Jr., will have to take down Bowser, who’s not only furious, but also kaiju-sized.

Take a look at the gameplay reveal here:

A follow-up video has now been released as well, giving more concrete details. A second player can take control of Bowser Jr. for light co-op play (like Cappy is playable in Super Mario Odyssey). When enough time is passed, Fury Bowser will appear, changing the world and making it harder to explore. Bowser’s appearance will also be time-based.

Mario’s goal is to collect enough cat shines and unlock the Giga Bell to transform himself into a kaiju-size Cat Mario.

Given the very specific scope Bowser’s Fury is, it may be a short romp. But boy, does Nintendo knows how to sell it as more than a silly DLC to justify another full-price release of a port.

Super Mario 3D World + Bowser’s Fury release on February 12 only on Nintendo Switch.

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