Black Desert SEA Adds Awakening And Succession To New Nova Class

A new update to Black Desert SEA has dropped yesterday. This added Awakening and Succession skills for the new Nova class.

These are new, stronger skills any Black Desert class gets access to, usually some time after the initial release. Players can either choose to take Awakening skills (which gives access to a new weapon type exclusive to the class), or take on Succession skills (making the existing moveset even stronger).

For Nova, the Awakening gives her access to the rapier-like Sting, making her even more powerful up-close in melee range. Succession gives Nova access to more summoning abilities.

You’ll need to get your Nova to level 56 to start the Awakening quest line. After that, you can opt to forego the Awakening skill for the Succession skills, via another quest line.

To celebrate the update, any players with a Nova reaching level 58 to 60 can gain rewards like Gold Bars. Mysterious Knights that randomly spawn in hunting grounds will make an appearance again until January 20, so go talk to them and get that Skill EXP boost should you need to power level.

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