Black Desert Mobile Adds The Striker Class

Mobile MMORPG Black Desert Mobile has added another class. Following the previous update that adds Dark Knight is the eight playable class, Striker.

Striker are males martial art masters, with high speed and agility. He’s great on one-on-one battles. If you love the monk archetype, or want to make a character that plays like they came from a fighting game, Strikers is the one to play.

Limited-Time Events

There’s a new limited-time event to celebrate the arrival of the Striker class. Level up a new Striker before June 9 and you can get rewards including a Tier 2 Pet Chest, Shiny Accessory Chest, and Elgriffin’s Defense Gear Chest.

Field Of Valor mode returns alongside the Striker update. This is a battlefield mode where you need a party of five to take on 30-minute battle against monsters, with loot drops at the end.

Lastly, Hot-Time Event is back. This will give players a 300% EXP boost, great for levelling that new Striker. This will last until May 17.

Black Desert Mobile is out now on iOS and Android.


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