The Dark Knight Class Now Available On Black Desert Mobile

As teased before, Pearl Abyss has added the Dark Knight class to Black Desert Mobile. This is the seventh class for mobile version (the mainline PC has 19 right now), and the second to be added post-launch following the Sorceress.

Dark Knights are elven ladies brandishing the Kreigmesser sword on one hand, and blasting enemies with dark magic with another. It’s a melee class that can do decent crowd-control, and perfect for those who love big swords.

She is now available to pick in the latest update to Black Desert Mobile. Of course, you can customise her looks to your liking with the game’s trademark character creator- with in-depth options for facial and body customisation.

Alongside the update are new features being added. One is called Tower of Trials. This allows you to send 2 alt characters (characters you don’t use) with level 45 and above to multiple floors of dungeons. Rewards will be available upon successful floor completion. If you’ve played enough mobile RPGs, this should sound familiar, but it’s completely unique to Black Desert Mobile- not seen in the PC/console version.

The other addition is an Auto-Quest system. With this, your alt characters can automatically work through the many quests your family (account) has completed before. Leave it on auto, and it will grind for you until you reached the last completed quest. Handy, now that more classes are coming in.

Black Desert Mobile is now available on iOS and Android.


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