Black Desert Is Getting A Limited-Time Event Collaboration With Bugatti

How much overlap do MMORPG fans and car fans are? Well, with this latest collaboration there will be more than you would expect.

Pearl Abyss is collaborating with Bugatti to bring the French car marque’s brand to the world of Black Desert. This will apply to Black Desert as well as Black Desert Mobile.

Special quests and Bugatti-branded items will be added to both games.

For Black Desert, you can take these quests that will involve a lot on mounts. For Black Desert Mobile, you’ll be unveiling the secrets of the Blue Ghost.

Finishing them will reward you with special items.

There are also new items in the Pearl Shop (premium shop) in Black Desert. These included a time-limited offer of Bugatti-branded cosmetics, including the Bugatti Chiron Armour and the Bugatti Chiron Horse Gear Set. So you can drape yourself and your horse in the marque’s blue colours. You’ll need another 1,579 horses to match the power output of real Chiron, however.

“When it comes to the creation of dream products, Bugatti is not limiting itself to hyper sports cars,” said Wiebke Ståhl, Managing Director of
Bugatti International. “We are open to whatever mobilises our senses in an incomparable way.

“And as the world of knights, fairies and miracles definitely attracts a huge fan base, we were open to this cooperation, especially with Black Desert whose graphic quality across the platforms is outstanding.

“We are extremely delighted to announce the collaboration with Bugatti,” said Jeonghee Jin, CEO of Pearl Abyss America. “In the hearts of the Black Desert franchise and BUGATTI cars, there are the passion and obsession for technology and quality.”

Car brands collaborating with games that are not racing games are not uncommon. The recent big one was Porsche’s partnership with Cyberpunk 2077.

While that one makes sense lore-wise, this one is a bit of a wild collaboration. It’s interesting that Bugatti wants to do more outside of just making luxurious hypercars.

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