Bioshock Collection, The Sims 4 And Firepoint Are PS Plus Games For February

It’s been a long January, but Sony has finally announced the three games that’s coming to PS Plus next week for all subscribing members.

First up we have the critical hit Bioshock Collection, which includes all 3 games in the series (DLCs included). So would you kindly play this one? It’s quite of an experience.

February marks the 20th Anniversary of EA’s Life Sim aptly called “The Sims“. So to celebrate this milestone, The Sims 4 joins this month’s lineup for everyone to live out a virtual life. Also Sims can exit the swimming pool without ladders now, so you can’t really drown them that way anymore. Sad, I know.

Lastly, Sony finally acknowledges that it has a stacked VR game lineup and is giving away tactical shooter Firepoint for starters. It looks like a mix of Counter Strike plus Rainbow 6 Siege so those wanting a new way to play shooters, look no further.

All of these games will be available to download from the 4th of February to 2nd March. And you still have sometime to download the January games right until the 3rd of February.

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