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Be An Evil Overlord In Virtual Reality In No Heroes Allowed! VR, Out On October 14


One new trend that virtual reality games are exploring is using a diorama view. You just sit in a room, and from there, inspect the whole level of play. It totally works for strategy games, and Sony Japan and Acquire are making a game that is doing just that.

In No Heroes Allowed! VR, you are the God Of Destruction, summoned by Badman and his daughter Badmella to conquer the world. The levels you will be navigating are all laid out in a map and all you have to do is guide your minions, set traps and ensure no heroes are left. It is described as an RTS, but it looks to have some elements similar to tower defense games.

While you are a villain destroying a world by painting it in evil purple colours, the game is all whimsical in tone. Nothing too dark here. Check out the trailer below:

No Heroes Allowed! VR is exclusive for the PS VR and will be out in Malaysia on October 14, both in physical form (RM129) and digitally (RM119) on the Playstation Store.