ATOMEGA Is A Multiplayer FPS From The Makers Of Grow Home

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ATOMEGA Is A Multiplayer FPS From The Makers Of Grow Home

Ubisoft Reflections has turned into one interesting development studio. They were built upon the history of the Driver franchise but as of late they have been making small, quirky titles like the action-platformer Grow Up and Grow Home. And now they just announced a new game and will be out next week.

ATOMEGA is an online multiplayer FPS, but it’s not about cool weapons or unique mobility options. Instead, it’s a growing mechanic. You start as small, one-block size beings called ATOM and throughout the match you can collect mass and evolve into bigger forms, which includes something like a velociraptor and the kaiju-like OMEGA. Being bigger means stronger attacks but you will also be the most vulnerable.

Up to 8 players will battle in 10-minute rounds.

From the looks of it, this will be another small indie game like the studio’s past titles rather than a full $60 experience. ATOMEGA should be out on September 19 for the PC.

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