Artist uses their unique style to capture the memorable characters of Halo Wars 2

In celebration of the launch of Halo Wars 2, Xbox and 343 Industries have partnered with three famed artists for a limited edition poster series. Each artist uses their unique style to capture the memorable characters of Halo Wars 2.


Grzegorz “Gabz” Domaradzki, Craig Drake and Kevin Tong each take on two opposing characters, portraying the conflict between the crew of the UNSC Spirit of Fire and the new enemy faction, the Banished.

Polish illustrator and famed cinematic artist Grzegorz “Gabz” Domaradzki captures Professor Anders’ innate quest for knowledge and her dangerous fight against the ruthless commanding Shipmaster in his pieces for Halo Wars 2.

The Atriox poster is meant to show an oppressive and lived in world. I spent the most time of texturing everything heavily and using bright colors sparingly to match the mood and palette of the Banished.”

The Cutter poster is meant to show the technical and tactical superiority of the UNSC forces led by Captain James Cutter. His world consists of brightly lit, clean line, tactical holograms, but I also wanted to show his determination and dedication to the troops on the ground.

Craig Drake brings his modern pop-culture flare to Halo Wars 2 as he captures the mystique of artificial intelligence Isabel, who is helping the UNSC seek revenge on Decimus and the rest of the Banished who killed her former crew.

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