All PS4s Will Support HDR, Existing Consoles Will Receive It Via A Firmware Update

During the Playstaion Meeting that announced the PS4 Pro, Sony talked a lot about High Dynamic Range (HDR), a new feature on the latest TVs that provides even more range of colours to make that glaring light or stark darkness a little more depth and an image quality truer to the natural eyes. The PS4 Pro was shown to make use of this tech- and Microsoft’s slimmer Xbox One, the Xbox One S, supported this feature. But for PS4 owners, you don’t need to get a Pro to experience HDR as Sony is making the feature available for all PS4s-yes, all of them- via a firmware update.

However, in order to reap the rewards of HDR you probably need an HDR capable TV or monitor first. But having the latest marketing bullet point to be available for free should bring plenty of good vibes toward the Sony camp. Games that will be patched to utilise PS4 Pro’s additional hardware prowess would be the ones that may or may not have HDR effect in place, and it is expected that with this move more developers will take advantage of the feature to make more vibrant looking games.

The upcoming software update 4.0 is still in the midst of beta testing, and it would probably including HDR support as it was mentioned the update should arrive by next week.

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