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Alien Blackout Announced And It’s A Mobile Game Starring Amanda Ripley


A new Alien game has been announced. Rumours of new developers FoxNext working on an Alien game, possibly titled Alien Blackout are true, well most of it. It did not appear at The Game Awards.

A few days ago, the official Twitter account for the Alien IP teased that there is something new coming, with the character Amanda Ripley involved. She is the daughter of Ellen Ripley (as seen in the movies) and also the playable character in Alien Isolation, the first-person stealth horror game from 2014.

Today, the website of D3 Go! has revealed that it is publishing Alien Blackout, a mobile game for iOS and Android starring Amanda Ripley.

Based on the website’s description, you must guide Ripley and her crew around a Weyland-Yutani space station and protect them from being killed by the titular Alien. There is no direct control however. You can only control the emergency system to help the crew survive. Or sacrifice. It is still billed as a horror game, designed to be replayed over and over.

FoxNext Games, D3 Go!, and Rival Games are involved in the creation of this game and will be out on mobile devices this year.