Against The Storm Hits Version 1.0 This December, Also Coming To PC Game Pass

Against The Storm, the rougelite city-builder by Eremite Games published by Hooded Horse, will be leaving Early Access. The 1.0 release is coming on December 8.

Not only that, but Against The Storm will also be available on PC Game Pass on release.

Against The Storm has been regularly updated, every two weeks, since its Early Access launch which began as an Epic Games Store exclusive, and then later made available on Steam.

Against The Storm tasks you in building cities from scratch in a “rainpunk” world where rain is everpouring. As a viceroy serving the Scorched Queen, you must build cities and gain her favour, but each time you start a city there are decisions to be made. You don’t have full access to all the building types, those are drawn randomly. And due to this, every settlement, every “run”, will see you face different challenges with different solutions available to keep the settlers, and the Queen, happy.

For version 1.0, a new mode will be introduced called the Queen’s Hand. Designed for experienced players, you only have one Cycle to reforge the Adamantine Seal. No upgrades are carried over in this mode. And there is permadeath- should you fail to reforge the seal or abandon a settlement the progression resets. Should you able to do the task at hand, you shall be awarded the title of Queen’s Hand, and be granted a rare audience with the Scorched Queen.

Against The Storm is a great example of a genre-mash done right. You can take a look of our impressions of the game here back before its Steam Early Access release, but the game has further evolved since then.

Against The Storm’s 1.0 release will arrive on December 8, which includes a release on PC (Microsoft Store) and PC Game Pass. The game is currently available in Early Access on PC (Steam, Epic Games Store).

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