A Knight’s Quest Is A Colourful Zelda-Like Action Platformer, Out Now

Longing for something akin to ’90s-’00s action game/platformer? With nice, bright cartoony aesthetic? Here’s one for you. A Knight’s Quest is a new action platformer inspired by the likes of Zelda, made by Canada-based developers Sky 9 Games.

Your protagonist Rusty accidentally set the world on the verge of collapse so now he is on a quest to undo it. Platforming includes some wall-running and Sonic/Ratchet And Clank style rail grinding. You can also harness the powers of the elements for combat. Which sounds like what you expect from an open-ended action game or platformer from the era.

Have a look at the launch trailer here:

A Knight’s Quest is out now on PS4 (but not PS Store Asia), PC (Epic Games Store) and Nintendo Switch, with a 20% discount currently ongoing. It is also out now on Xbox One.

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