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You Can Tune Your Car Settings Anytime In Need For Speed Payback


If you like min-maxing your tuning settings in Need For Speed 2015, you’ll understand the struggle. Tweak the settings, go outside (and wait for a loading screen), drive a bit then go back to the garage (and another loading screen), go back into the menus to tweak a bit of the sliders. It’s a hassle, to say the least. The new installment will address this issue by giving you the freedom to tweak the car settings, anytime on the road. The live tuning eschews realism for convenience, and it’s probably a good trade.

Interestingly, since cars in Payback are now grouped into classes, the sliders available will depend on what class. Drift cars have the option to change weight settings while drag cars allows you to mess with the gear ratio.

While this new addition is certainly welcome, we don’t know whether the game will address one major problem with the handling sliders- it doesn’t work as advertised. Need For Speed 2015 allows you to tune the handling to full drift mode ala the handling of Need For Speed Hot Pursuit 2010 (and more recent titles) or go for a grounded handling like Need For Speed Underground. The latter didn’t work as expected, tuning the handling to full grip feels terribly understeered and it’s hard to get a good feeling grip handling.

Anyway, expect Need For Speed Payback to zoom into the streets on November 10 for the PS4, PC and Xbox One.