Xbox Wireless Controller Officially Available In Malaysia, Philippines

Xbox has finally made the Xbox Wireless Controllers officially available for purchase in Malaysia and the Philippines.

Promised earlier in March, Xbox is now officially selling this controllers in more regions. Not that these controllers haven’t entered the market previously via imports, sold cheaper too compared to the official ERP, but these units have official warranty support.

The Xbox Wireless Controller (that’s the current Xbox controller sold together with the Xbox Series consoles which has the dedicated Share button and a hybrid d-pad) comes in five colours: Black, White, Blue, Red and Volt. More colours are available, but these are the ones that are officially available Malaysia and the Philippines.

The controller is now available at participating retailers. For Malaysia, the ERP is RM319, which is a tad too high if you ask us. But it is what it is.

The Xbox controller can be connected to PC and mobile devices via Bluetooth. You’ll need a seperate Wireless Dongle to use the headphone jack over wireless, however, and the controller uses AA batteries- rechargeable battery packs are sold separately unlike PlayStation’s DualShock and DualSense controllers.

A recent leak suggests that Xbox have plans to revise the Xbox controller as soon as 2024.

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