Xbox Series X|S Controllers Can Wirelessly Switch Connection Between Xbox, PC and Mobile With One Button Press

The new Xbox Series X|S controllers are more or less very similar to the Xbox One controller functionality-wise. But now there’s a new discovery that should be nifty for players who switch between their Xbox and PC setup using the same controller.

As shown by Microsoft employee Timo Wolf, the new Xbox controller can remember what devices it was last synced to. And depending on how you press the sync button (located on top of the controller), you can connect to the Xbox, or to an Android device/PC, all done wirelessly.

Double-tap the sync button to connect to Xbox. Hold the sync button and it will connect to a PC and Android device.

Note that it currently it works only via Bluetooth (not for PCs using Xbox Wireless Adapters). And only for Android devices, not iOS (yet).

It’s a neat little trick for those who have an Xbox and other devices they use the Xbox controller with wirelessly. Why it was hidden from obscurity until recently, is another question.

The Xbox Series consoles are technically not sold in Malaysia, and but the controllers for those consoles works great on for PC gaming.

via Polygon

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