Xbox App’s Latest Feature Lets You See At A Glance If Your PC Can Run A Game

More seasoned PC gamers know how to read the minimum and recommended PC specs sheet and make an informed decision if a game can run on their setup. But for those who don’t, this process is a huge hassle.

Which is why Microsoft is adding the Game Performance Fit Indicator to the Xbox app on PC, the app you use to play games on PC Game Pass.

When you select any game on the Xbox App, there is now one small line under the install/play game button that tells you whether the game should be able to run on your current PC.

With this feature, you can easily discern if your PC is up to the task of running that selected game. This is done by comparing the game performance on similar setups and PC specs. As such, when a new game is launched, the system won’t be able to discern the performance yet.

In some way, now we see one of the many uses that apps want to collect hardware and usage data, to power features like this. At least this one feature is handy rather than creepy.

The Game Performance Fit Indicator is live if you are an Xbox Insider and using the Xbox beta app (if you opted into the PC Game Pass test when the service was about to launch in more Southeast Asia countries, then you might have been seen this feature running in the app already.) But it should roll out to all Xbox app users now.

Source: Xbox Wire

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